'How To' False Lashes


DIY Strip Lash Application

Every swooned over instagram posts of the most beautiful fluffy lashes yet when it comes to your attempt you end up stressed out, covered in glue and looking a fright?

Well, we are lash crazy here at Airlie&Co and can help you achieve gorgeous eyes at home with these tips below.

Strip Lashes

What you'll need:

1 Pair of Ardell Strip Eyelashes

Nail Scissors

Duo Eyelash Glue


Eyelash Curler

Clean Mascara Wand




1. Whilst the Ardell strip lashes are still in the packet, use the clean mascara wand gently brush horizontally back and forth to break up the pattern and make the lashes appear fluffy and soft.


2. Remove the lashes from the packet by gently prying back the plastic and pulling the lash out very gently with your thumb and forefinger.


3. Hold the lash up to your lashline to measure about 3/4 of your full top eye line and trim with nail scissors to fit.


4. Trim the short end of the lashes if you like a dramatic finish, trim the long end of the lashes if you like a more natural finish.


5. Apply Duo lash adhesive in a line as long as your eyeline on the back of your hand and gently run the band of the lash through the glue so it is coated consistently all the way to the ends.


6. Whilst the  Duo lash adhesive is getting tacky, gently bend the lash band in the shape of a horseshoe to make it more pliable and mimic the shape of the eye for easier application.


7. Once the glue is tacky and almost set, apply the lash to the outside of the eye, and ease into place. Once this side appears to be in the correct position, and the last lash is pointing in a 45 degree angle towards the tail of the eyebrow, turn your head still facing the mirror, to stretch out the inner corner of your eye and gently push the inner half of the lash into place.

TIP: Do not rush this step. Patience is required.


8. Repeat on the opposite eye.


9. Check to see if the glue is dry and lashes are attached by gently pinching your lashes and the false lashes together along the length of both eyes.


10. Use your Fancy Lash Mascara to coat the base of the lashes for extra drama, and another coat to your bottom lashes.


11. Once the Fancy Lash Mascara is tacky and almost dry, curl your lashes with the Melli Luxe Pro Lash Curler very gently together with your false lashes. Only a very small of pressure is required for maximum curl.


Voila! Flirty lashes to last the whole day & night.


Also check out our 'How To' saved stories on instagram for a video of the above lash application technique


Even better... book in a one on one makeup lesson to perfect your makeup and master the false lash application