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Imagine this. An array of beautiful human hair,  in various lengths and sizes, with a selection

of perfectly blended colours waiting to be handpicked and made just for you. We understand that everyone is an individual and that is why we custom make our hairpieces just for you.  We are proud to say our hairpieces are hand sewn here in Australia.

Let us explain the process…

With the determination to seek beautiful quality hair, Barbara researched and tested an extensive range of hair. You could say she lived and breathed hair for years. In her findings she discovered the ultimate combination – half European and half Asian hair. Why this combination? the European element creates the softness and the Asian element creates the strength. The hair is sourced  in the Northern countries, where it is cooler and there is a balanced diet full of good nutrients needed for healthy hair. These combinations results in natural beautiful locks, keeping the quality of their hairpieces high – genius we say!

Every hairpiece you see here on our website has it’s own template that has been uniquely designed with you, the customer in mind. The hair is then cut to the template shape, weighed, hand sewn and delivered.

Headlines Hairpieces is based in Melbourne, Australia. We strive to provide our customers with the best possible quality hairpieces with a fast turnaround. The hair we use is 100% human hair. It feels soft, has a seamless finish and looks oh so natural. We are proud to provide such beautiful hairpieces that are made under our strict supervision.

Remember, we can customise any hairpiece you want from cuts to colours. We are here to help with any questions you have. We trust you will find the perfect hairpiece with Headlines Hairpieces Australia.

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